Staging on a Budget | Staging Tips

Here are some easy and affordable ways to stage your home to sell, room by room.


  • Make it livable: Place your furniture so that it’s “conversation ready”, meaning your potential buyers wouldn’t have to move furniture around to have a conversation. Make the flow of furniture “work” so nothing is obtrusive in getting one place to another. Already moved your furniture out? Remove carpet indentations caused by furniture by placing medium-sized ice cubes in the imprints. This will loosen the carpet and return it to it’s original state.
  • Add interest and life: Add interest to the room by placing an accent by the room’s focal point, such as a plant near a fireplace. Plants also add life to bare houses that might not seem “homey” and suggest that someone has been actively caring for the house.


  • Fake a bed: Already moved your beds out? Arrange boxes into the shape of a bed or use an air mattress on a frame and cover with nice bedding.
  • Pay attention to fabrics: A statement bedding set can completely transform a boring bedroom into a luxurious bedroom. As well as the bed, curtains and other draperies can completely update the room. Buying a new set of linens would be a great investment that you could carry into your new home. Some fabric stores donate scrap fabric that you can repurpose. Don’t want to re-paint? Create an accent wall with fabric. It can serve as a makeshift headboard and add a unique piece of flair to the room.


  • Linens: Stock all towel racks with decorative towels. This can be a way to add color and interest to boring bathrooms and makes the bathroom look practical and usable.
  • Close It Up: Close all drains, sinks, tubs, toilet lids, closet doors. It’s an extremely easy way to polish the room, and it’s free.
  • Update fixtures with epoxy paint: Rather than spending a fortune to replace expensive bathroom elements, a quick re-paint can modernize old or outdated tiles or fixtures.


  • Walk in and be Wowed: All rooms visible from the entry should wow the potential buyer as soon as they walk in the door. Neutral khaki colors appeal to the masses and allow for other accents to stand out. Tans and khaki’s warm the space more than the typical white or off-white.
  • De-Sterilize: Neutralizing your home to appeal to buyers can sometimes look too neutral.Vacant homes can look boring and cold in listing photos and in person. Adding bright, bold colors with accessories like picture frames, plants, vases, rugs, pillows, towels, and more will add life back the home.
  • Brighter is Better: Replace the old or dimmer  bulbs with a higher wattage. Inexpensive and easy!


  • Appeal to all sense: Baking something in the oven fills the house with a welcoming scent, making the environment feel more like home to potential buyers. Plus, a delicious snack might just be enough to win them over. Decorative bowls filled with candy or pre-packaged snacks can add personality to the kitchen and make their visit more memorable.


  • If you think they won’t notice, they will: Don’t shove all of your junk in closets or under beds. Potential buyers’ curiosity will lead them to areas you may think are hidden or uninteresting.
  • Closets and clothes: A closet that is too full of clothes will appear small and insufficient. Pick items strategically so it shows off the closet’s storing capabilities and ditch the excess in storage.
  • Neutralize the space: Potential buyers need to see a neutral space. Having to look past your junk or organizational methods/flaws makes them unable to envision themselves living there. Remove personal touches such as family photos. Hide the pets’ items to non-living areas such as the laundry room.


  • Curb appeal: Bright planters and pots filled with plants and flowers is welcoming and tells the potential buyers the property is cared for regularly.
  • Prioritize the Exterior: The first changes you should make when staging your home are on the outside. Trim shrubs, pick weeds; re-paint doors, shutters, trimming; and add maintainable landscaping features.
  • Prepare your grass for the season: Apply grass seed and water your lawn if needed with attention to how grass grows in your climate.


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