Lunchtime Makeover

Already have what you need, but just yearning for a refreshed look of your space? Then Color! Invites you to clear the room with accessories, meet a friend for lunch, and while you are out they will repurpose your own things in ways that will sure to surprise! Whether you're selling your home or you simply wish to spruce up a room, the details make a big difference! We'll help you craft those details in your home to appeal to potential buyers or just to add more interest to a room in your home. Want to treat someone else to a Lunchtime Makeover? A Color! gift certificate makes a great gift for friends and family looking to spice up their home. These are some of the services we can provide with a Lunchtime Makeover:

Furniture Placement

Artwork Arrangement/Hanging

Drapery Hanging

Decorative Accent Placement

A budget friendly option for a new look!