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A Little Decorum Example: A Primer for any Well-intentioned Lesbian

A Little Decorum Example: A Primer for any Well-intentioned Lesbian

As a femme, I’m accustomed to lesbians querying myself with inappropriate assumptions covered as problems:

“Are you YES you’re a lesbian? “You’re bisexual aren’t you?” “I’ve never ever came across a lesbian that appears like you-Are we SURE you’re a lesbian?”

While we love their unique raised eyebrows and admissions of affect, i got eventually to considering: wherein DO lesbians switch for guidance on ideas behave in social gatherings? That do all of us inquire about how exactly to participate the pretty girl when you look at the toilet series or a way to flirt at pleasure happenings?

While Dr. Frankie does amazing work with her Ask Dr. Frankie video clip television series, recently i experienced two, likewise difficult, sociable lesbian relationships that I’m some more femmes get withstood, consequently they are looking for some significant lesbian decorum recommendations.

Rules point number 1: It’s nothing of your respective companies If I’m a girl to girl

The specific situation: It’s a fancy function for a Gay & Lesbian production Festival and everybody are wearing their particular celebration most useful, possessing a contented old time. Among festival volunteers gets my attention and now we starting chatting. We fast understand we’ve found before (at a lesbian rate online dating event) and we also beginning talking films, celebrations, food and performing those actions Dr.