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5 Reasons A Narcissist Can’t Remain In Love: Find Here

5 Reasons A Narcissist Can’t Remain In Love: Find Here

“My husband didn’t need certainly to raise their sound or strike me, as their way of physical physical physical violence had been the text which could cut through me personally sharper when compared to a blade ever could, destroying any feeling of confidence we formerly had.”

Megan Holgate, Lifetime & Divorce Coach

“Can a fall that is narcissist love?”

Issue of whether or not just a narcissist can fall in love is a matter that is fierce of. Therefore before we delve way too much into why they can’t stay static in love, let’s address the above question.

The solution, per many professionals, is an unequivocal “Yes.” Here’s just just exactly just what Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D., a psychotherapist whom focuses on the diagnosis and therapy of varied character problems, claims:

“If you (exes of narcissists) thought that your particular intimate ex that is narcissistic liked both you and desired to marry you, you’re not crazy. Also though he could be now gone, your man really intended just what he stated as he stated it for your requirements. He had been in love as the right few. with you, or at the least their own intimate dream of this both of you”

The issue is, needless to say, so it’s impossible for the “perfect couple” fantasy to materialize. Life is not a dream; relationships aren’t a dream, and narcissists can’t appear to grasp this concept that is elementary.

So, yes, a narcissist can fall in love – but why can’t they remain in love?